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Whether your challenge is development of individuals, teams, or the organization as a whole, at Myers Hamilton & Associates our strength is helping you identify solutions based on the root cause rather than generic programs focused on symptoms. Through our Discovery Consultation our programs are tailored to your environment, focused on your unique business requirements.

Following are examples of customized programs we have developed for clients. In some cases they have also included follow up sessions to reinforce learning and coach participants in achieving their personal or team action plan.


To achieve success as a Leader, you must coach and accomplish results through others. During this interactive workshop you will have the opportunity to:

  • Assess your coaching values and behaviours in a sports setting using a powerful business simulation
  • Understand how coaching styles shape and influence team members’ motivation
  • Learn practical ways to enhance performance through the use of feedback
  • Identify opportunities to improve your team’s performance


To be successful, your business needs to be flexible and quickly adapt to changing business requirements. This often means changing products, processes or roles and responsibilities within the organization.

While reaction to change is varied, it follows a predictable pattern. Understanding this provides Leaders and individual Team members insight on how to implement change and handle the transition more effectively. It is also beneficial to “survivors” of restructuring initiatives.

At the completion of the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the normal phases of change
  • Recognize how any change can cause resistance
  • Have learned ways to overcome resistance to change
  • Be able to develop a plan for leading, implementing and
  • maintaining change in the workplace


Have you ever been involved in a project and frustrated by the lack of progress or results? This workshop provides an overview of the basic principles of project management and strategies for keeping projects on track.

  • At the completion of the workshop, participants will:
  • Understand the Key principles of Project Management
  • Recognize the benefit of planning and controlling activities
  • Learn the key elements of successful Project Management
  • Apply concepts to your own project or simulation
  • Receive templates for personal use


To achieve success you must accomplish results by maximizing the performance of your team. This workshop will introduce you to the natural development phases all Teams encounter. Understanding the phases enables both leaders and team members to achieve success more effectively.

  • At the completion of the workshop, participants will:
  • Understand Phases of Team Development
  • Recognize what required to bring Team to next level
  • Value Diversity on Teams
  • Have Learned Effective Problem Solving Processes
  • Keys to Effective Communication


How many times have you heard “there’s not enough time”? In reality, Time is a natural resource and we all have access to the same amount. The difference is what we do with that resource and how we invest it.

  • During the workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Recognize the benefit of improving where you invest time
  • Identify actual versus perceived time gobblers
  • Identify personal areas for improvement
  • Identify team areas for improvement
  • Understand a variety of valuable time management techniques, including prioritizing, scheduling, planning and delegating.

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